your vision come true


We design and produce plastic packaging made from PET, PS and PVC plastic.

We are ready to adjust our products to your specific requirements, to implement your creative plans, to respond to your particular visions for your product at any time.

We view each and every one of your needs as a challenge that we strive to meet.

The design process is aimed at the product's functionality, its excellent quality, as well as the best possible design.

Our long experience in product design

enables us to effectively recognise the specifics of each design requirement, while delivering just what you requested, all in a short time.

PACKOPLAST is renowned for its product quality and speedy delivery.


Our company's design collection covers all needs of the modern man.

We have a wide range of moulds at your disposal, readily available at our facility.

You can contact us with your request and the code that best suits your needs. Then, we will proceed with the production and delivery of samples. Alternatively, we can carry out sampling at the location of your choosing.

There are hundreds of samples available, but if you are not satisfied with a code among the existing pool, we and our associates would be happy to custom design your product packaging from scratch.

We start with CAD drawings. Once we come up with the exact design you want, we proceed with the construction of a mould model and the production of plastic samples.



Following the approval of the samples

we are able to offer you the package you have envisioned at once. Our year-long experience ensures maximum quality, always at the most competitive market prices.

Our primary concern is for our services to enhance the reputation of your business and the qualitative and commercial success of your products.


The full scope of the PACKOPLAST industry operates with priority and respect to the environment and mankind

PACKOPLAST has all environmental permits required by European legislation and follows all recycling guidelines concerning production waste.
Our products are 100% recyclable and suitable for contact with food, as provided in the Greek and European legislation [compliance with the special rules of Article 5 of Regulation (EC) No. 1935/2004, Regulation (EC) No. 2023/2006, and Regulation (EC) No. 10/2011 and their respective amendments.]

Our annual programming always aims at reducing our environmental, while successfully saving our resources at the same time.